Titanfall 2 E3 Trailer und Infos zur Collectors Edition aufgetaucht

Titanfall 2 E3 Trailer und Infos zur Collectors Edition aufgetaucht

Zu Titanfall 2 tauchte ein Trailer auf, welcher erst auf der E3 2016 vorgestellt werden sollte zudem listet ein Händler die Collectors Edition auf seinen Seiten.

Im April veröffentlichten EA und Respawn Entertainment für Fans den ersten Trailer. In diesem war eine Absturzstelle und ein Titan mit einem Schwert zu sehen. Der Trailer ist sehr kurz und man sieht auch nicht viel mehr. Aber EA und Respawn wollten erst wieder auf der E3 2016 Gameplay Material zeigen. Doch das Warten  hat ein Ende, denn der Trailer für die E3 wurde veröffentlicht.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on Sunday at #EAPLAY. Standby for #Titanfall2 pic.twitter.com/Ly3ee5Nvqn— Titanfall (@Titanfallgame) June 10, 2016

The promo video offers just a quick glimpse of what fans can expect to see during EA’s E3 press conference this Sunday. It looks like fans will finally get some answers regarding the crash site from that initial announcement trailer, with the E3 teaser showing an escape pod hurtling through the sky, on fire. Whoever is inside it had better brace for impact. Moreover, the titan at the end of the teaser appears to be clenching its fist, as though it is preparing for battle, so hopefully the full-length gameplay video will also include a look at the rumored wall-running titans and the new grappling hook.

But gameplay footage isn’t the only Titanfall 2 reveal expect to come out of E3 2016, as it is also being reported that EA may reveal two different collector’s editions for the game as well. Polish retailer Ultima.pl listed both the Titanfall 2 Standard Collector’s Edition, as well as the Uber Collector’s Edition. Alhough the listings have been removed, images of the two editions were captured by a member of the Titanfall subreddit.

The images and the listings suggest that players will be able to bag themselves a light-up pilot bust, a custom Shemagh scarf, memorial patches, a replica pilot helmet (with tactical accessories), and other memorabilia. It’s unclear how much each edition will cost, but given the content and the fact that the original Titanfall collector’s edition was $250, it’s unlikely that these Titanfall 2 packages will come cheap.

Also expected at E3 is a formal announcement about Titanfall 2‘s official launch date. Although EA CFO Blake Jorgensen previously revealed that Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 will have release dates three weeks apart, a specific date for Titanfall 2 wasn’t given and fans will surely be glad to know the exact time that they can get their hands on the game.

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Titanfall 2 wird erscheinen für PC, PS4 und Xbox One.

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